L. Nathan Perkins

  • Cambridge, MA




Open Source

  • Feature Selection & Regression Trainer
    A simple reusable Python implementation for performing feature selection and linear regression on a large data set. Initially used to submit a predictions entry to the MIT Big Data Challenge predicting taxi demand. Since then, the code has been standardized and generalized.
  • Color Anomaly Detectors
    Matlab implementations of both existing hyperspectral anomaly detectors and a novel algorithm that uses gaps in the principal component representation, with potential applications for search and rescue. Details of the implementations and algorithm performance are described .
  • Syllable Detector
    A Swift application that uses Core Audio and Accelerate to process realtime audio spectrograms through neural networks in order to detect specific "syllables" with low latency (2.8ms) and low CPU load (15%).



  • BU2014-today
    Graduate Program for Neuroscience
  • MIT2009-2011
    Technology & Policy Program
    Thesis: “An abridged enterprise assessment model to promote consistent reassessment: model development, assessment process and results analysis”
  • USC 2003-2007
    Law & Society
    Thematic Approaches to Humanities & Society


  • Arctic Reservations 2005-today
    Founder & Developer
    Software for outdoor adventure outfitters, with comprehensive functionality for reservation management, inventory allocation, accounting, customer relations, reporting, photo sharing, credit card processing, guest registration, post-trip evaluations and email automation.
  • Peace Corps 2007-2009
    Community HIV/AIDS Outreach Project
    South Africa
  • MaxMo Technologies 1999-2014
    Independent Consultant & Developer


  • Arctic Photo Kiosk
    A system for batch processing and organizing of photos for sale through both kiosks and an online portal. Includes automatic digital order fulfillment and manual order management for physical orders.
  • MaxMo Search
    Built a search engine with a custom data storage engine allowing for millisecond response times and linguistic document clustering, implemented at an education-focused nonprofit.
  • Video Capture
    Video Capture is a Mac application that interfaces with the existing FreedomScope project microscope in order to do real-time recording and processing of video and audio from the orthophysiology rig.

Other Stuff

  • Tommy Leung
    Tommy, intrigued by the real-time bus tracking in Cambridge and Boston, decided to delve into the data provided by NextBus. He discovered trends in bus delays, clumping patterns and even a system to improve bus predictions by accounting for localized trends.