L. Nathan Perkins

  • Cambridge, MA




Open Source

  • Arctic PHP API
    A REST API for interacting with Arctic Reservations, including OAuth 2.0 authentication and an object oriented interface for reading and updating models.
  • Lite Lexer
    A light-weight PHP-based string lexer. By defining parser blocks, a simple syntax can be created. The parser can then build a tree representing the syntax, which can easily be process or interpreted. Used for in Arctic Reservations for parsing a SQL-like format.
  • Feature Selection & Regression Trainer
    A simple reusable Python implementation for performing feature selection and linear regression on a large data set. Initially used to submit a predictions entry to the MIT Big Data Challenge predicting taxi demand. Since then, the code has been standardized and generalized.



  • BU2014-today
    Graduate Program for Neuroscience
  • MIT2009-2011
    Technology & Policy Program
    Thesis: “An abridged enterprise assessment model to promote consistent reassessment: model development, assessment process and results analysis”
  • USC 2003-2007
    Law & Society
    Thematic Approaches to Humanities & Society


  • Arctic Reservations 2005-today
    Founder & Developer
    Software for outdoor adventure outfitters, with comprehensive functionality for reservation management, inventory allocation, accounting, customer relations, reporting, photo sharing, credit card processing, guest registration, post-trip evaluations and email automation.
  • Peace Corps 2007-2009
    Community HIV/AIDS Outreach Project
    South Africa
  • MaxMo Technologies 1999-2014
    Independent Consultant & Developer


  • Arctic Photo Kiosk
    A system for batch processing and organizing of photos for sale through both kiosks and an online portal. Includes automatic digital order fulfillment and manual order management for physical orders.
  • MaxMo Search
    Built a search engine with a custom data storage engine allowing for millisecond response times and linguistic document clustering, implemented at an education-focused nonprofit.
  • Video Capture
    Video Capture is a Mac application that interfaces with the existing FreedomScope project microscope in order to do real-time recording and processing of video and audio from the orthophysiology rig.

Other Stuff

  • Tommy Leung
    Tommy, intrigued by the real-time bus tracking in Cambridge and Boston, decided to delve into the data provided by NextBus. He discovered trends in bus delays, clumping patterns and even a system to improve bus predictions by accounting for localized trends.